Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

As a Nutritional Therapist I take a whole body approach to health. By assessing your bio individuality I am able to drill down on health concerns. This approach gets to the root of your problems and works holistically for your ultimate wellness. You learn how to use whole foods and if required, supplementation to bring the body back into balance. I work with individuals personally and remotely. I will address your specific concerns and goals while evaluating and working to restore the foundational strengths of health, so that you can live a vital, purposeful life.


I have a special interest in getting to the root of;

- Weight Removal

- Depression

- Hormonal Issues

- Digestive Distress

- Anxiety and Stress

With the exception of my 1 hour telephone consultation, my Nutritional Therapy sessions and packages include a comprehensive evaluation employing the following assessment tools to get to the root of your health concerns:

- Confidential Health History

- Food & Mood Journal Evaluation

- Online Nutritional Assessment Questionaire and Analysis

- Personalised Recommendations and Findings

With the findings from the above assessment tools I focus on supporting the following (but not limited to) areas;

- Digestive Health

- Nutritional Deficiencies

- Blood Sugar Control 

- Immune Health

- Dietary Approaches

Combining your goals and the results of the assessement tools, I develop a personalised plan specifically for you.



Not as comprehensive as my other services, however this is great value. Prior to our scheduled phone consultation, which must be paid in advance, I will send you an online Nutritional Assessement Questionaire to review your current concerns. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and concerns and I will provide you with a verbal plan of action and suggestions for moving forward.


Includes the following:

- Confidential Health History/Interview (extensive background interview)

- 4-Day Journal Evaluation - assessment of daily nutrition, digestion, moods and exercise.

- Nutritional Assessment Questionaire and Analysis: over 200 questions to analyse your specific symptom burdens

- Report of findings, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, individualised supplementation protocol (supplement costs not included), e-mail support and follow up appointments.

- MP3 meditation recording specific to your results to re-wire neural pathways.


Includes full evaluation forms that must be completed and returned at least 72 hours prior to our call for my detailed review and preparation. A single 60 minute session in person or via Skype. Payment due in full before consultation. The type of support I can offer in a single session is somewhat limited due to time constraints, you may purchase follow-ups for ongoing support.


Includes full evaluation forms that must be completed and returned at least 72 hours prior to our consultation for my detailed review and preparation, interpretation of findings and recommendations; 2 x one hour sessions and 4 x 30 minute follow-ups via phone, Skype or in person and email follow ups. $155 due before first appointment to confirm your appointment, the remaining due after the first session.


Feel Vital Again...Reclaim you Pure Health

Do you have an image of the vital person you would like to be? I can help you get there! Let me take you by the hand and introduce you to the you of your dreams. For any of the services listed above, or if you have any questions at all, please phone or email me. I offer a 15 minute free phone consultation to find out which service would be best for you. Contact me today.