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Natural treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Below is the outline of what to expect when working with me.

FREE Initial phone consultation

This is a brief chat to understand where you are now and where you want to get to! I cannot give a thorough assessment due to time constraints however, it will give you enough information to decide if working with me is a good fit.


You will receive a detailed on-line nutritional questionaire, a four day food/mood journal, and other necessary paperwork prior to your 1st appointment. All paperwork (excluding the food journal) must be returned  3 days prior to your appointment. This gives me enough time to review your details and more importantly, enables me spend more time with you during your consultation.

1st Appointment

I will take a thorough health history, review your food journal, discuss your concerns and share my findings from your on-line questionaire. Your personalised programme will be outlined in this first session. Diet and supplementation (if needed) will be suggested along with actionable steps going forward and a daily meditation to listen to.

2nd Appointment

Review of all protocols. I will assess your bodies needs further by carrying out a functional evaluation. This is a gentle, palpating testing of the organs and body systems to discover where you may need additional support. This unique evaluation pin points areas of concern.

3rd and follow up appointments

Each time we meet we will asses your progress going forward (yes...there will be homework)! With psychotherapy you will learn to change your thinking styles and how to access deep states of meditation (everybody loves’s like a brain massage)!