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Welcome, I’m Donna Cochrane, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Nutritionist. With over 15 years’ experience working in the fields of health, wellbeing and integrative therapies, I use proven techniques for effective results. Working from a place of compassion and trust, I use my expertise to get right to the root of what’s holding you back so that change is lasting and life changing.

I work with people in person and remotely via Skype and am happy to speak to groups and organisatons interested in my work. I recently relocated back to the beautiful Gold Coast after living in the United States. Whilst in the US I was fortunate enough to work with one of the largest hospital providers in the USA using hypnosis for pain management in their post-surgical wards. I am a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the Nutritional Therapy Association.

I truly believe it is such an exciting time to be working in the holistic health field. Everyday I get calls from people who want to take their physical and emotional health back into their own hands, to be the vital balanced person they know they can be. 

I have a passion and dedication to assist each client in reaching their full potential and believe strongly in treating the whole person. Utilizing my skills and knowledge of psychotherapy and bio-individualized nutrition, I am able to work with you to pinpoint specific areas that allow you to achieve the best results. 

I specialise in working with depression & anxiety, smoking cessation and weight control. However I also have experience in working with addictions, pain management, overcoming fears and phobias, insomnia, increasing motivation and self-esteem and self-sabotaging behaviour. I have developed a proven programme using bio-individual evaluation and hypnotherapy for depression & anxiety called Defeat Depression Naturally.

I ensure all sessions are uniquely individualised and are tailored to your specific personality and needs with warmth, consideration and respect. These personalized sessions will inspire, motivate and empower you to adopt healthier habits, achieve your goals and reach your fullest potential. 

Whats New...

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? I hear you! You may also be totally overwhelmed by all of the lifestyle and dietary advice out there. There is a solution. I’m not going to lie...it will take some effort on your part, but with some dietary changes you will get your energy back, with lifestyle adjustments you will get your joy for living back! Wow! Give me a call or go to contact me to find out how I can help, just call 0423 622 364.


  • ”Donna was caring and empathic while making sure I answered the hard questions.” DW QLD

  • “I really cannot thank you enough for getting me to quit cigarettes. I never thought I could do it, but you had absolute faith!”. TA USA

  • ”I was skeptical to say the least when I saw you for quitting smoking. But its been 6 months now and I don’t  even think about it.” JM QLD

  • "After the first weight loss session I felt a shift in my thinking. I feel like I am in control now.” CC QLD

  • "Thankyou, I felt so relaxed and at ease. After my session I felt a sense of lightness and happiness I haven’t felt in a long time.” KC USA

  • " I was so stressed with my job and home life. Donna got right to the heart of my problems and I am making plans again and getting back to the real me.” SA USA

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