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3 steps to overcome Anxiety & Depression

Do you feel depressed, anxious or stressed out?

Depression;natural cures;anxiety

You’re not alone. Perhaps you feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked but you are reluctant to take pharmaceutical medication. Or maybe you are too anxious, overwhelmed or just too tired to try another thing. That is where my 3 step programme comes in. Step 1:  Information gathering.You complete an extensive questionaire designed to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies. Step 2: By following your unique nutritional programme you balance your moods naturally. Step 3: We add in psychotherapy to rewire neural pathways and integrate your new balanced emotional wellbeing. I know that every person is unique, and on that understanding I offer all natural, bio individual sessions to help you become a vibrant, energetic, happy person again.

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Nutritional Therapy

Holistic nutrition;Depression;anxiety

As a Functional Nutritionist I believe in a whole body approach to wellness. We start our work together with an on line health questionaire and analysis and a food mood journal before your first appointment.  Then, I am able to work with you to get to the root cause of your health concerns. I specialise in finding natural and targeted solutions for depression, anxiety and other mood problems.

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Natural cures;depression;anxiety

Combining  nutritional therapy with outcome based psychotherapy we can further work towards geting you feeling yourself again. By therapeutically accessing deeper brainwave states you are able to quickly work through any emotions that have been holding you back. This double pronged approach is what makes the programme so powerful. Best of all, it‘s fast, incredibly relaxing and helps to ease depression and anxiety.

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