DONNA COCHRANE NTP CHt neuro nutrient specialist

DONNA COCHRANE NTP CHt neuro nutrient specialistDONNA COCHRANE NTP CHt neuro nutrient specialist

A smarter, personalised approach to your best health ever!

Natural solutions to emotional problems

Imagine a life of self-confidence, flexibility, mental focus, enthusiasm and your sense of humour back!

You don’t have to go through life suffering with depression and anxiety, lack of energy and drive, low self esteem,  insomnia  or cravings.  If you are looking for an  approach that goes beyond talk therapy & medication, neuro nutrition just may be the answer. As a functional nutritionist & psychotherapist my unique approach gets to the root cause of your health concerns. 

Let‘s work together to develop a personalised plan that puts you in charge of your health and vitality!

feel better....naturally

Take a FREE trial run!

  • Have a FREE trial run of one of the most comprehensive health analysis questionnaires available today, the Nutri-Q. This is one I have every client fill in.
  • Get the programme absolutely FREE along with a 15 minute complimentary telephone health assessment from me when you register.
  • This detailed questionnaire will give you incredible insight into your individual health markers and show you which body systems or organs may be under stress.
  • Your own personalised health graph will be emailed to you on completion of the questionnaire.


Neuro Nutrition

If you feel tired or low with no drive or focus, perhaps you tear up easily or feel totally overwhelmed; neuro nutrient therapy is the answer you have been searching for. Neuro nutrient therapy is targeted supplementation to rebuild the brains neurotransmitters and balance moods. Combined with a whole body approach to wellness ensures you  can  achieve optimal health.



Combining  nutritional therapy with outcome based psychotherapy accelerates your results. By therapeutically accessing deeper brainwave states you are able to quickly work through any emotions that have been holding you back. This unique two step approach is what makes the therapy so effective. Best of all it works quickly, to get you feeling your best again.

Neuro Nutrient Therapy

Re Boot your Brain

Find out which piece of your neuro transmitter puzzle needs a boost! As a Neuro Nutrient Specialist I take a whole body approach to your emotional health.

How  would you feel if you could transform your lack of energy, focus and drive? Say goodbye to negativity, low self-esteem, obsessive thoughts, disturbed sleep and  feelings of overwhelm. By assessing your bio individuality and using the most comprehensive nutritional analysis applications on the market today, I am able to drill down on your individual health concerns to get to the real cause. Imagine a life of positivity, flexibility, alertness, enthusiasm, calmness, restful sleep and a sense of stability!

You no longer have to live life in the grips of false moods. Neuro Nutrition gets to the root of your problems and works holistically for your ultimate wellness. You learn how to use whole foods, supplementation and deep brain wave meditations to bring the body back into balance.  I will address your specific concerns and goals while evaluating and working to restore the foundational strengths of emotional health, so that you can live a vital, purposeful life.

My programmes include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, mindset transformation and the highest quality supplement support. Working with you and listening closely to your concerns I take a whole body approach to wellness. This personalised, optimised health strategy addresses the root cause of your symptoms to restore your health.

Stuart says...

"I knew I wasn't feeling great, but I didn't think I was depressed. I felt worried a lot of the time and couldn't find the drive and focus I was known for in my work. Every day was getting harder. I found myself feeling like I couldn't think straight or remember things. Within one month of working with Donna I was feeling better. Other people noticed.  It made it easier to give up my nightly drink and I started exercising again. Which was huge for me because I just didn't have the energy or will to do it before. Apparently I really needed the nutrients that make you alert, focused and energetic. Donna took the time to make sure I understood everything and really helped me get my thoughts in order. I'm glad I did this as I really think I could have made some wrong decisions when I wasn't feeling myself." 

Take charge of your emotions today


I have a special interest in getting to the root of;

Appointments (either on-line or in clinic) include a comprehensive evaluation employing the following assessment tools to get to the root of your health concerns:

  • Extensive Health History
  • Food & Mood Journal Evaluation
  • Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and Analysis
  • Neuro Nutrient Assessment
  • Personalised Recommendations and Findings

Combining your goals and the findings of the assessment tools, I develop a personalised plan specifically for you.
Contact me today for a complimentary 15 minute discovery session to see how neuro nutrient therapy can help you.


how it works




Includes the following:

  • Comprehensive health history/interview (extensive background evaluation)
  • 4-Day food/mood journal evaluation - assessment of daily nutrition, digestion, moods/cravings and exercise.
  • Nutritional assessment questionnaire and analysis* (on-line)
  • Neuro nutrient assessment* (on-line questionnaire)
  • MP3  guided meditation recording to re-wire neural pathways.

This initial appointment is where I gather all the necessary details about you and your specific concerns to create a programme tailored to your unique needs.  I will go through all of your results with you and you will leave with a totally individualised programme and a clear path going forward.

*forms must be emailed back to the clinic 48 hours before your initial appointment for my detailed review, preparation and interpretation of findings and recommendations.


ON-LINE OR IN PERSON (1 HOUR)  Includes the following:

  • 3 day food/mood journal
  • Neuro nutrient questionnaire
  • Testing targeted supplements *

This second appointment covers an assessment of your nutritional programme and introduction to your personalised supplementation plan. Using the supplement trialing kit we work together so you can test specific supplements and identify the ones that will work best for you. You will receive a supplement schedule with directions on how much to take and when to take them.  *Supplement trial kit and supplements are an additional charge, depending on the individual. I will also advise on purchasing high quality supplementation from various vendors. Most supplements can be ordered on-line however, I occasionally recommend practitioner grade supplementation that I am able to order for you.


ON-LINE OR IN PERSON (1 HOUR)  Includes the following:

  • 3 day food/mood journal
  • Neuro nutrient questionnaire
  • Psychotherapeutic techniques

Our third appointment helps fine tune your results and we can start to work with re-wiring neural pathways with guided meditation and other psychotherapeutic techniques. By now, you will be noticing the positive effects of your specific supplement and nutritional programme.  Now we can dive into identifying other blocks and barriers to your success using deep brainwave states of hypnosis to better understand subconscious patterns.



These sessions are highly individualised and are used to further customise your protocol, adjust your supplement dose, trial additional supplements, recognise food/mood culprits and work on  optimizing results. We will also focus on the psychotherapy component of the programme to concentrate on any concerns you may have going forward.


Have a look at the frequently asked questions page for answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Let's chat! Book in a 15 minute complementary consultation  to see if this is the right fit for you. I can explain how working with neuro transmitters using targeted supplementation is so incredibly effective. As a functional nutritionist and therapist I work very personally with each client and therefore only take on clients who I really feel I can help the most. 

However, I cannot help everyone so a quick call or email can give you an idea of how this might benefit you. As all of my work is highly individualised to your specific needs I will advise during the first session how many appointments you will need. This is a process where we work collaboratively together so that upon completion you will know exactly what to do going forward to keep optimal health.

Reclaim your health, happiness and success...


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